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Support SAC's Legislative Work and Victim Advocacy

We all need to come together and raise our voices for victim/survivors of sexual assault. YOU can make a difference!

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Together we can make a difference!

Sexual Assault Center (SAC) has always provided trauma informed, victim-centered services and support; the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade will not change SAC’s approach to the care we provide. Sexual Assault Center is disheartened by the impact the decision to eliminate access to abortion will have on victim/survivors, especially in Tennessee where there are currently no exceptions for rape and incest. Paramount to our mission and healing for survivors is to protect the rights, decisions, and control over their health and healing.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), close to 3 million women in the United States will experience a rape-related pregnancy in their lifetime. About 20% of victim/survivors who were rape by an intimate partner reported their partner was trying to get them pregnant when they did not want to be. Part of victim-centered care is to support the victim/survivor where they are and as they make decisions that are best for them at that time. SAC supports victim/survivors’ decisions along their healing journey, including the right to a safe abortion and believes there should not be stipulations attached to a victim/survivor's choices, regardless if they report to law enforcement or choose to seek therapy, etc. These stipulations also eliminate their autonomy, the very thing that sexual violence takes away from them. Victim/Survivors should not be forced to birth their rapist's child after a violent, forceful, unwanted act


  • Create, advocate and lobby for strong legislation that gives victims of rape and incest the right to control their health and healing and have access to safe abortions.
  • Continue to offer unbiased, ethical, trauma informed, victims/survivor centered therapy and advocacy, which includes providing assistance, support, and referrals when a client is seeking pregnancy OR abortion help.
  • Educate the public on the correlation of these issues—banning abortions further traumatizes a sexually assaulted woman, many people do not report to law enforcement right away and may not prior to seeking abortion help and that should not be a prerequisite to receiving appropriate medical care, etc.
  • Provide information and referrals to our clients, staff, and volunteers regarding victim advocacy organizations, legislation, and advocacy opportunities
  • Continue to provide a full continuum of care to individuals receiving services at the SAFE Clinic immediately following a sexual assault, including following best practices of medical care and support.


  • Sign and share the petition!
  • Sign up to be a Political Advocacy Volunteer to stay up to date on this issue, get community meeting invites and other important information!
  • Host a conversation with your like-minded and non-likeminded friends to discuss this issue and how it effects victim/survivors of sexual assault. This is not a political conversation but a victim’s rights and advocacy conversation. The more people who understand the reality for victims, the more who can speak up on their behalf.
  • Share this page on your social media platforms.
  • Be on the lookout for prepared statements and ways to reach out to your Local State and Federal Representatives, from SAC.
  • Be on the lookout for an SAC hosted Community Meetings. We will send details as soon as it’s scheduled. These will be fantastic opportunities to learn more and invite friends who want to do the same.

These funds support the costs to do the work, lobby, create resources, support survivor's emergency needs, and so much more!

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