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Support SAC's Pepper's Fund

Pepper's Fund is a Client Emergency Fund that clients of Sexual Assault Center can access when in need.

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Pepper's Fund was created by an anonymous donor in honor of a boy who experienced the atrocities of sexual assault as a teen. Every dollar in this fund is part of a Client Emergency Fund (CEF). CEF funds are available to all clients served by the SAC. Staff members may quickly access gift cards and funds to meet emergency needs of clients in crisis. The funds can be used to meet basic and emergency needs such as clothes, food, electric bills, rent assistance, etc.

“No sum of money can repair the damage of sexual assault traumas, but hopefully some immediate financial assistance will provide a measure of relief and encouragement to victims whose lives have been shattered. I am delighted that the Sexual Assault Center has agreed to find donors to match my gift. I can think of nothing that would please Pepper more.” - Anonymous, founder of Pepper's Fund

"My clients are often folks who are already set up to fall through the cracks of social service systems, and before Pepper’s Fund was in place, I’d sometimes feel at a loss about how to help them when we were running into red tape, too-long waitlists, and missed windows of eligibility. I deeply appreciate that Pepper’s Fund puts trust in my clinical judgement and allows me to access funding for my clients with minimal barriers. Being able to offer a “yes” to my clients when they’ve been running into a system of frequent “noes” has contributed to my work feeling more emotionally sustainable." - SAC Therapist

Recent uses of Pepper's Fund include:

  • $100 gift card to Walmart for groceries for a client between jobs
  • Winter appropriate shoes for an unhoused client
  • 2 night Hotel stay for client in an unsafe living situation
  • Scrubs and background check for nursing student

All photos on this page are of local survivors taken by photographer Dan Heller for SEEN Survivors.